I is for Inconsistent

I was doing so well posting weekly until I failed one week and then it all went to hell. I either need deadlines or competition to accomplish anything, apparently. Even so I managed to motivate myself into finishing something by resisting the urge to work on a NEW THING until at least one of the OLD THINGS was done.

Anyway, I finished a book which has no title yet and it’s off to a few pre-readers for pre-reading prior to sending it off again for editing. But at least the initial writing part is done! Woohoo!

The new thing is a young adult horrorish book that was inspired by my daughter. It’s very fun to write!

And I really need to finish the Gauntlet series. Whyyyyy is that one eluding me?

My laptop died earlier this week. Thank goodness for Dropbox or this would be a post of bitter, bitter tears of woe. As it is I don’t think I lost anything. At least nothing novel-related.




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  1. Congrats on finishing a horror novel!! That’s WAY cool! *makes grabby hands* I seem only to be able to write at the 2nd grade level lately, LOL. As long as it earns me moola, though, that’s something!

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