J is for Jace

I know it’s been like a million years or so since I posted, but I really want to continue this, so here we go!

Jace is one of my favorite characters in the Gauntlet Series and one who undergoes the largest transformation. He is a very solid character in the first book, secure in his belief, knowing his purpose in life, and having an easygoing, friendly, and unstressed world view. When Brydon first meets him, Jace is the full-fledged version of what Brydon hopes to one day be: a knight-priest with no doubts in his faith or his own abilities.


In the second book, Jace has an experience that no only shatters his faith but also completely alters his personality. He learns that even the strongest foundations can be shaken, and he becomes almost unrecognizable to his friends. Although they stand by him, they long for the man they once knew and hope for his eventual return. As the third book progresses, it remains to be seen if that is even an option.





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3 responses to “J is for Jace

  1. Alabaster Crinklebel

    J is for jocular, like the relationship between Brydon and Toryn. It kind of goes along with F is for Fun.
    Jace is a great character. I hope he makes it!

  2. Thank you so much! Your comment actually prompted me to post the next letter! 😀

  3. Zach

    I really like this series, I still read it once a year. Hope the characters and you have worked out your creative disagreements, I heard a rumor they weren’t doing anything you wanted.

    If you are still fighting the good fight, know there are people who can’t wait to see what happens next.

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