K is for Kaneelis


Kaneelis is one of my favorite places in the Gauntlet series. It’s a thriving city on the coast that is the center of trade for Brydon’s whole world. It is also the center of religion, where Temples have been built to house every branch of the Church, from the towering Temple of Might to the serene halls of the Temple of Healing. Despite the presence of so many religious establishments, the Church is content to leave secular matters to the city council and the merchants guild. They are, however, in charge of keeping peace in the city. Offenses against citizens are not tolerated, and justice can be swift and permanent.

All manner of goods are available in Kaneelis, from Redolian leathers to rare herbs from the rain forests of Parmitta. The Corolis Islands provide fine wine and sparkling jewelry is available adorned with every gem produced by the mines of Silver. Tradesmen and craftsmen flock to the city, and the air of peace and plenty has given rise to an array of artworks. There are museums and galleries in several areas of the city (although Brydon and his friends do not remain long enough to enjoy such pursuits) and buildings are adorned with frescoes, statues, and sculptures.

Truly it is a magical place, and hopefully one that our heroes may return to sometime in the near future.


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