L is for Lyryn

It was more fun that I’d expected adding a stubborn little hoyden of indeterminate age to the regular cast. Although I find her nearly as annoying as Toryn does, I have to admit it’s pretty fun writing her. She rarely sits still and her calculating brain is constantly concocting plots to get herself what she wants. She sometimes seems like a younger version of Alyn, but I think even as a child Alyn exhibited more maturity than Lyryn seems capable of, although in reality she is quite capable–she just doesn’t want to grow up. It’s boring, and not even her unrelenting crush on Toryn can persuade her to stop behaving like a selfish child.


She is wary of Brydon and treats him with respect, possibly as gratitude for his willingness to allow her to accompany them in exchange for her assistance. She doesn’t quite know what to make of him and seems to know–as children often do–that there is something about  him that is different. She prefers to wait and watch before deciding if his other-ness is a good or bad thing, and will ultimately decide when she can weigh it on the scale of what he can do for her.

(Photo of Thylane Blondeau gakked from the internet without permission and holy hell was it hard to find a tween girl that wasn’t gazing seductively at the camera or made up to look fifteen years older. Quite horrifying, not gonna lie.)

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