N is for Nykar

Nykar is a rough and tumble guy with a no-nonsense attitude and some pretty useful skills, such as sneaking, eavesdropping, looking intimidating, being intimidating, and generally being the most excellent bodyguard a princely type could ask for. He could also be a poster child for loyalty, as he doesn’t seem to have many goals in life beyond doing anything that Prince Rakyn of Darkynhold asks of him. Of course, he absolutely loves his job, especially the more nefarious and possibly not-so-legally sanctioned portions, and he is very well paid for his services, because he does the job of three or four normal royal “servants”. Rakyn relies upon him for just about everything, including seeking out information, delivering messages, imparting justice, and keeping tabs on the political machinations of his twelve warring brothers. It’s no wonder Nykar has no time for anything else.


You don’t want to meet him in a dark alley. Or even a well-lit alley.

Nykar has a wicked (if sometime inappropriate) sense of humor, which balances nicely with Rakyn’s tendencies toward grim introspection. They have a complicated relationship and Rakyn frequently wonders why Nykar continues to put up with him instead of running off to Bodor and settling down with a sturdy hut and a nice fruit orchard. (When asked, Nykar stated that he wasn’t very fond of fruit, and why live in a hut when he had a comfy set of suites in the palace, and what kind of stupid question was that anyway?) Rakyn did not bring it up again.


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One response to “N is for Nykar

  1. LOL – love your description of him: “looking intimidating, being intimidating.” Pretty accurate! Love the picture, too!

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